The Walking Dead' Season 10: Alpha going to be killed by Negan (SPOILERS)

The Walking Dead’s Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) has come a long way since he battered people to death with a barbed wire baseball bat.

But the inevitable meeting of him and Alpha (Samantha Morton) could finally give him the chance to prove that he’s a changed man.
According to the comic book, it’s going to end in some serious retribution, and one hell of a bloody scene that we know is going to make our skin crawl if it comes to life.

Running away from being help prisoner in Alexandria with the help of Brandon (Blaine Kern III), Negan seeks solace among the Whisperers, much to the dislike of Beta (Ryan Hurst).

Hiding his affiliation with the rival group of survivors, Negan instead says he’s a drifter when he’s ambushed by a bunch of knife-wielding Whisperers, and thinks on his feet.
Ignoring Beta’s worries, Alpha decides to let Negan stay and learn the Whisperer way, and for the next week, he tries to earn his stripes (well…skin suit) in the ranks.

But things soon turn south when Negan stops two male Whisperers trying to rape a female Whisperer – something that, shockingly, Alpha disapproves of Negan doing.

Claiming it was a sign of weakness that she allowed herself to be taken, she utters the stomach-churning words: ‘If you protect the weak, they never become strong.’

The pair then clash, and Negan hits back at Alpha for being a hypocrite – allowing herself to be protected while refusing to look after the vulnerable.

Breaking down in a rare moment of honesty, Alpha admits that he’s right, and offers him an official place among the Whisperers, saying this was where he belongs.

‘Maybe. But I don’t want to be here,’ he responds…before slitting her throat and decapitating her, and taking her head home.

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