The Walking Dead: Daryl and Connie Romance Confirm (SPOILER)

Less platonic? That would be Daryl and Connie, with Connie being the new arrival in Magna’s group. If the show is making it pretty clear that Daryl and Carol will stay platonic, it’s also making it equally clear that Daryl and Connie will probably not just stay friends. Kelly, Connie’s sister is wink wink nudge nudging her about Daryl at every turn.

So much to the dismay of some fans, Carol is starting to press Daryl on Connie, and that is expanded on further in a scene in tonight’s episode I won’t get into, but the gist of it is “what’s going on there, Daryl buddy?”

The Daryl and Connie storyline has been indisputably cute. She lights up whenever she sees him. He is learning signing language to speak with her better. His dog loves her. All the ingredients are there except for the fact that Daryl…just doesn’t date people. Last episode Connie told Daryl that he was “family” which doesn’t sound particularly sexy, and yet the entire vibe of this relationship is that these two will end up together at some point.

If Connie doesn’t die first.

In the past, I would say this was almost a guarantee. The Walking Dead is obsessed with tragedy, and killing off Connie to enrage Daryl against the Whisperers seems like a move they’d do. And yet I have more faith in the Angela Kang era of the show which seems less interested in cheap thrills like that, and more about developing real character relationships. I just can’t imagine they would build up this Daryl and Connie thing for two years only to fridge her right when it starts.

With apologies to Daryl and Carol fans, I simply don’t think it’s going to happen. Granted this is TV and The Walking Dead feels like it’s going to be on forever, so never say never. But for now, Connie is the clear choice, and Carol and Daryl’s BFF status isn’t going anywhere.

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