The Walking Dead Season 10 Is the last Season

The Walking Dead season 10 returned to our screens last week with scenes that have left fans shook – but is this latest installment of the hit show going to be the last?

This season we will see Daryl seeking revenge and out for blood after the savage deaths of a dozen of the survivors at the end of season nine.

So far this season we’ve learnt more about Alpha and the flesh mask wearing Whisperers and seen the survivors deal with the deaths of Carl, Jesus, and Eric, as well as with Rick’s disappearance.

As the explosive new season continues, fans are now asking if Season 10 will be the last of this post-apocalyptic thriller.

Although the Walking Dead comic series came to a sudden conclusion back in July when the 193rd issue became the final one in a previously unannounced ending for the fan-favourite comic series, the TV show doesn’t appear to be following suit (at least, not yet).

Season 10 certainly won’t be the last season of The Walking Dead because it was announced earlier this month that the hit show has been renewed for an eleventh season.

The announcement was made at New York Comic Con and fans hope the show will land on our screens by October 2020, but no further details about the new season of the show have been announced yet.

The Walking Dead season 10 continues Sunday in the US, with episodes releasing Mondays on Fox in the UK.

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