Mob beats 73-year-old doctor to death in Assam, India

Police have arrested 21 people over the death of a doctor that happened on August 31 after he was attacked by a mob in the state of Assam, India.

The crowd of 250 beat the 73-year-old doctor, Deven Dutta, to death for allegedly being absent from duty and blamed him for the death of a temporary worker, according to a report by Indian broadcast channel NDTV.

The crowd consisted of workers from the Teok Tea Estate, where the victim worked, who thrashed Deven Dutta, a senior resident doctor at the estate hospital.

Sukra Majhi, the 33-year-old worker, was taken to the hospital which is inside the estate, by her relatives in a critical condition on Saturday afternoon.

Reportedly, the pharmacist was also on leave and the nurse present on duty administered saline but the worker died.

According to NDTV, Dutta arrived at about 3:30 pm, aggravated workers thrashed him and locked him in a room in the hospital.

Dutta had retired long ago and was serving an extension at the tea estate and is considered to be the senior-most doctor in the Jorhat region of Assam, where the incident took place.

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