Madison Could Still Return To ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ But She Shouldn’t

Fans were heartbroken last week when Fear the Walking Dead quickly solved a mystery that seemed to imply the potential return of Madison Clark. Alicia wanted to find a person who was painting inspirational messages on trees, with fans thinking the implication was that she thought it was her mother. Turns out it was Wes, a new character who likes to write books and uh, tree poems. Mystery solved. No Madison.

And yet the show really did leave the door open with Madison’s supposed death back in season 4. This is absolutely the kind of series where unless you watch someone torn apart by a zombie or bashed in the head with a baseball bat onscreen, there’s a chance that they’re still alive. We saw Nick bleed out and die when he was killed in season 4. We saw Madison lead a horde into a baseball stadium away from her kids and…that’s it.

I’m not going to say the odds were great of her surviving that, but I mean come on, this is TV, there are fifty different ways you could flash back to that scene and uncover a way that Madison escaped somehow. Fighting off walkers, crawling through some secret passage, getting aid from some third party that shows up. And then come up with some reason that she didn’t immediately find her family. It’s the apocalypse, things happen. But again, this entire sequence produced no body, no zombified Madison, nothing. So the chance she’s alive is always going to be there.

And yet I really don’t think that Madison and Kim Dickens should return. I wouldn’t, if I was her.

Dickens did not seem terribly pleased when she was written out of the show back in season 4, and it’s hard to blame her. No one likes losing their job, but also, it’s rare you’ll see 54 year old woman given the chance to lead a badass apocalypse survival show in the current television landscape. The show really threw that chance away, and Dickens is currently filming other projects.

But past that, I would be worried about what would be done to Madison’s character if she did return, because we already saw what was done to her in at least part of season 4 before she was killed, and it wasn’t pretty.

Simply put, the entire tone of the show changed, and Madison lost that cutthroat edge which is what made her a good character in earlier seasons. While Morgan is credited with his “help everyone” philosophy that is currently making Fear rather lame, this really did start with Madison and her little baseball diamond community. They totally rewrote her character to be less bloodthirsty and more about community building and helping people out, and her lack of ruthlessness in season 4 is actually what directly contributed to the destruction of her community, Nick’s death, and her own death.

If she came back, I don’t think that Madison would work well with this new cast and these new showrunners. In a perfect world, I would love to see “old Madison” return and serve as a direct contrast to the likes of Morgan and John and June and their super do-gooder attitude with a return to her “survival at all costs” mentality. And you could have Alicia in the middle, caught between the two. That would be interesting.

That would almost certainly not be what happens, however, as Fear the Walking Dead is currently a cult where no one is allowed to do anything morally questionable and everyone spends all day everyday making up for past misdeeds, both real and imagined. It’s the worst, and it would not get better just because Madison came back, under this current showrunner/writer era. There’s just no way.

So while the door is open for Madison’s return plot-wise, I don’t think anything good would come of Kim Dickens rejoining the show in its current state. But we’ll see what happens.

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