Chandler Riggs To Join Andrew Lincoln In The Walking Dead Movie

Chandler Riggs has revealed that he would love to reunite with Andrew Lincoln in the upcoming The Walking Dead film.

After portraying Carl Grimes for eight seasons of The Walking Dead, Chandler Riggs’ time on the series ended when the character was killed off after succumbing to a walker bite he sustained while saving Siddiq. Since then, Andrew Lincoln, who portrayed the father of Chandler Rigg’s Carl, has also left the series and will instead reprise his role as Rick Grimes in a new trilogy of The Walking Dead films for AMC.

While there are currently few details on Andrew Lincoln’s first The Walking Dead film, fans do know that it will take place after the character’s departure in season 9. However, despite his character’s death, Chandler Riggs expressed his interest in reuniting with Andrew Lincoln for the project during an interview with TV Guide:

“I hope so. That would be amazing. It’d be so much fun to get to work with Andy again. That’d be great.”

Would you like to see Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln reunite in The Walking Dead film? How do you think Chandler Rigg’s Carl Grimes could return? Are you excited to see Andrew Lincoln return as Rick Grimes in the new movie? How do you feel about how the show handled the exits of Chandler Riggs and Andrew Lincoln? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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