Driver Says Tesla Car "Saved His Life" During a High-Speed Crash

Tesla Saves

Tesla demagogues either think the company is building the safest cars on market or sells overhyped death-machines. But score a point for the former.

On Thursday interview with Peder Hulthin, a Norwegian Tesla owner who walked away from a high-speed collision with just a few bruises — and he says it’s all thanks to his Tesla, which had Autopilot engaged at the time of the accident.

“The car has without a doubt saved my life,” he told Electrek, “and Tesla’s engineering has done its job.”

Courting Tragedy

Right about now, Tesla might be wondering if Hulthin would be willing to make those same claims in court.

In late April, the family of Tesla owner Walter Huang filed a lawsuit against the carmaker that alleges essentially the opposite of what Hulthin is saying: Tesla is to blame for Huang dying in a car accident during which he had Autopilot engaged.

Safety First

Regardless of the outcome of the Huangs’ lawsuit, however, after looking at the photosHtook of his accident’s aftermath, it’s hard to believe he escaped from the collision largely unharmed — and thus, genuinely impressive. The thing was wrecked.

It seems Tesla must be doing something right if the worst of Hulthin’s injuries were caused by the car’s airbags and not the van he slammed into at about 55 miles per hour.

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