'The Walking Dead' Season 10: Lauren Cohan Confirm Maggie Rhee Return

Lauren Cohan abandoned The Walking Dead after landing the lead in ABC’s new comedy Whiskey Cavalier, and after the show received some pretty stellar reviews it seemed less likely the 37-year-old would be returning to her post-apocalyptic roots.

Well, TWD fandom, not only is Lauren certainly coming back, the actress has promised Maggie’s return is going to be a blast.

‘I feel really, really lucky ‘cause, rest assured, the Maggie story is not finished’ Lauren told Collider after recently reuniting with her The Walking Dead co-stars. ‘It’s still very exciting.’

The Walking Dead fans were slightly puzzled when Maggie drop off the face of the series with no explanation during a season nine time jump, following the exit of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln).

After seven seasons as one of the show’s main players, a simple goodbye would have been nice.
Angela Kang stressed time and time again the door is always open for the hero’s return, but as it stands there’s no update as to when that might be.

‘I can just reiterate that we adore Maggie, we left the door open for her to come back into the show or the universe,’ the showrunner told Entertainment Weekly.

‘So I’m hopeful we’ll see more of Maggie. We certainly have more stories planned for her.’ Although, Angela has said she is hopeful that’s season 10 will be the chapter to welcome Maggie back with open arms, even if it’s also the same period in which we’ll wave off Michonne (Danai Gurira).

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