Game Of Thrones Season 8 Major Character Death Revealed

With only two episodes to go before the series ends completely, the Technical University of Munich has developed a website dedicated to deciphering the odds on who could kick the bucket in the final fight for the iron throne.

This includes who could die next, who could die overall, and who could survive as they take into account character traits, fighting abilities, house loyalty and allies in combat.

Every. Single. Character has been put on the list with their odds literally stacked against them. So if the website is in any way accurate – Bronn, you better start saying your prayers and finding some loved ones to kiss goodbye quickly.

The Lannister-loyal right hand man may be biting off more than he can chew if this series is anything to go by, with a staggering 93.5% likelihood he will be next to get the axe.
(Probably literally get the axe, if Westeros is anything to go by.)

The Clegane family aren’t going to fare much better, with Gregor (aka The Mountain) having an 80% chance to be killed, and Sandor (aka The Hound) with a slightly less worrying, but still not exactly brilliant, 47.5%.

But the Starks, who have become central to season 8 already thanks to their role in Winterfell, are the ones with the biggest targets on their back.

Sansa has a 73.3% chance of dying, with wheelchair-bound and King of memes Bran at 57.8%.

With the highest likelihood of the family to die, it seems Arya (47% chance) and Jon (12% chance) may have to join forces after all, despite Arya swearing her allegiance with her sister Sansa.

Meanwhile, comparitively the Lannisters, who have proven to be pretty divisive in terms of being worthy of the throne, but pretty good at keeping their survival their main focus, are more likely to be kept alive.

Cersei, for example, has only a 5% likelihood to die before the season’s out, with Jaime also doing OK at 4%. Tyrion however, stands to outlive them both, with there being only a 3% chance of him ending things. By all accounts the person most likely to make it out of all of this alive is Daenerys Targaryen – who’s head and shoulders above the rest of the potentials to win the Iron Throne with only a 0.9% chance of dying (we like those odds).

But since when has that meant anything in the world of Westeros? Basically, be prepared for a lot of bloodshed.

Game Of Thrones continues Sunday on HBO and Sky Atlantic.

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